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A month = $10 USD / 10,000 won is enough

IT WILL move your soul

Food relief is continuously feeding more than 100 homeless kids and adults in the street of Kathmandu with fresh fruits and baked items and a mask. Here in Nepal, we are not in lockdown but the pandemic and recent political instability has affected people lively hood. People are struggling to make daily ends meet. They depend on the food we provide.

The people in need shows their appreciations and gratitude for the love and support they are receiving.

Thank you so much everyone for your continuous love and support.

Children and families and communities in Nepal are some of the most impoverished in the world. A needy child anywhere in the world deserves compassion, but rare are the places where one can make such an extraordinary impact as in Nepal – a fabled Himalayan country that is one of the poorest nations of the world.

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